Protect your Home and your Hard Earned Investment with Peter Best — House Insurance Brokers in the UK

Our dedicated team of  house insurance brokers will help you find the most appropriate cover and we will provide you with a named advisor so that you can speak to the same person each time you call.

Whether you need just the basic cover, have a property of non-standard construction, or are looking for a comprehensive policy offering the widest cover possible, then, Peter Best Home Insurance brokers are able to offer a product to match your requirements. We have an exclusive household scheme that is not available through comparison sites or any other broker and offer very competitive premiums to our customers.

We also provide cover for:

  • Properties within recognised flood risk areas*
  • Properties in difficult postcode areas*
  • Listed properties and those of an unusual construction*
  • Properties in subsidence areas (May be subject to a surveyors report)
  • Properties with a history of claims*

*Subject to insurer’s approval


  • Accidental damage upgrades
  • £5000 cover for motor components, tools, and accessories kept within the home
  • Home Emergency Assistance to provide assistance in an emergency should your
    domestic boiler break down, or a water pipe bursts
  • Cover for holiday homes
  • Legal Expenses


Our home insurance brokers work directly with clients to find the best home insurance policy to fit their needs. 

Essentially, it’s the house insurance brokers’  job to understand your property and your financial situation and compare quotes and policies from several companies to help you find the best rate.

Peter Best Insurance Services — home insurance brokers in the UK,  will help you find the best insurance policy to fit your financial situation and needs. We are ready to discuss your requirements in further detail, please contact us.


Tailored Insurance Coverage from Peter Best Insurance Services — Best Home Insurance Brokers in the UK

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments that you make, so it’s normal to have questions about the best ways to insure it. Getting your house  insured is simply one of the best decisions you’ll ever make, giving you peace of mind in case of an unfortunate event.  When it comes to having the right coverage for your home, Peter Best Insurance — your house insurance broker is there to help you.

Home insurance is not mandatory, however, it is highly recommended to protect what you have worked so hard for with high-value home insurance. It is incredibly important to determine the right kind of insurance coverage to purchase for this is a very important asset to protect, and this is where we come in. Peter Best Insurance Services have been providing tailored insurance policies for many homes in the UK — earning a reputation as one of the best home insurance brokers for exceptional services and competitive rates. 


Why should you get your house insured?

Home insurance can cover the cost of repairs to your home for any damage from — fire, water, vandalism and natural disasters. Getting your house insured covers so much more than listed. If a guest is someone who gets injured in your house, your homeowners policy will kick in to help cover any medical or rehabilitation costs, or cover injuries you may accidentally cause while away from home. Getting a house insurance, you can be  more relaxed and you worry less knowing everything is right. With the help of our house/home insurance broker,  you can choose your ideal insurance coverage and save your hard-earned money. 

Partnering with us means getting excellent customer service from our professional house insurance brokers. We work hard to get you some of the lowest home insurance rates that best suit your unique needs, and tailor the right coverage for you. We will get to know you and find coverage that makes sense for you. Our assigned experienced home insurance broker will help you to review and modify your home insurance policy so your coverage is adequate and appropriate for you now and in the future.

Talk to one of our house insurance brokers in Peter Best Insurance Services about our full service home insurance coverage and packages.