Low Mileage Car Insurance

Classic car insurance is defined as low risk, due to the limited mileage restrictions.  A family vehicle may be driven every day, meaning an annual mileage in excess of 10,000 miles.  The more the vehicle is used, the more likely it is to be involved in an accident.  A classic car, on the other hand, will usually be your second vehicle and therefore limited to pleasure use only and is often searched under “limited mileage second car insurance”.  As limited mileage cars are for pleasure use only, we are able to reduce premiums due to the lower risk these represent.

Our classic policies will require you to agree to a mileage cap – usually 1,500, 3,000 or 5,000 miles, although in some cases it can be slightly higher.

Going beyond your limit will invalidate your insurance, so if you are believe you may exceed your mileage limit by going on a long journey, for example, please contact us before you leave so that we can discuss the options for you.  We cannot correct the situation retrospectively.

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