Terms and Conditions

Who we are and who regulates us

Peter Best Insurance Services (PBIS) is an independent insurance intermediary; our registered address is Tollgate House, 96 Market Place, Romford, Essex, RM1 3ER. We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Our firm’s reference number is 307045. You may check this by visiting the FCA website www.fca.org.uk or by contacting the FCA on 0800 111 6768. Our permitted business is arranging, advising, dealing as agent and assisting in the administration of non-investment insurance contracts.

Law and Language

The Terms and Conditions are subject to English Law and the jurisdiction of the English Courts. The English language will be used for all communications, the contractual terms and conditions, and any information we are required to supply to you, before and during the duration of the contract(s)

Acceptance of these terms

By asking us to quote for, administrate and arrange your insurance policy you are providing your agreement to be bound by our terms and conditions.

Our Service and Products

We offer products from a panel of insurers and intermediaries, that we select as appropriate for the cover you require. You may request details of the panel we use. Sometimes we will only approach one or two insurers.

We will advise and make a recommendation for you after we have assessed your needs.

We will arrange your insurance cover and assist you with any ongoing changes you have to make.

We can also assist you with making a claim or we may outsource claims handling facilities to give you an enhanced service.

Some policies that we offer can be purchased online. Policies purchased through our online facility are offered on a non-advised basis; you will not receive a recommendation or advice from us and you will need to make your own choice regarding the suitability of product(s) offered and how to proceed.

Products purchased online will be from a single insurer for each type of business.

Some policies we administrate may be operated under a Delegated Authority Scheme. This means we act as the agent of the insurer in respect of underwriting and binding the risk.

Our authority can also change from time to time for example, if you use our services to apply for insurance we act as your agent but act as the insurers agent for passing refunds to you.

Additional Covers

We only offer some products from a single insurer for breakdown cover, motor legal expenses, non-motor legal expenses, gap insurance, gadget, goods in transit, vehicle replacement, mis-fuel cover, windscreen cover, excess reimbursement, helmet & leather cover, home emergency and travel insurance. If you purchase additional covers you should refer to the policy information we send you, as it will explain the terms and conditions of the contract and your cancellation rights.  A refund may not be available if Additional Covers are subsequently cancelled after the statutory cooling-off period.

Comparison Websites

You may have used a Comparison Site before proceeding with any purchase. Some insurance comparison websites may ask you fewer questions in order to speed up the quotation process, and they may also make a number of assumptions about you. Always make sure that you check the details we hold about you to ensure they are correct as any discrepancies could affect your cover or your insurers decision to meet a claim.

Data Protection and Privacy policy notice

We want you to be confident that we take data protection and your privacy seriously. As a regulated company and data controller we are responsible for the security and management of the personal information we hold about an individual. That’s why we have invested in our systems and processes to ensure that the way we collect, use, share, and store your information meets the legal, regulatory and our own standards.

Our Privacy policy notice explains how we collect, use and store your personal information (including any personal information given to us about other people named on the policy, quote or claim) when you use our services or contact us.

You (including anyone named on your quote or proposal or policy) must read our Privacy policy notice.

Warning: Your duty to give information

If you are a consumer (an individual buying insurance wholly or mainly for purposes unrelated to their trade, business or profession) you must take reasonable care that all statements you make or any answers you give to all questions put to you about your proposed insurance are provided fully, honestly and to the best of your knowledge. If you do not understand the meaning of any question, or if you do not know the answer, it is vital that you discuss this with us. Once cover has been arranged, you must immediately notify us of any changes to the information that has been previously provided.

Failure to provide correct information or disclosure of false information could result in:

  • cancellation of your policy and your insurer will refuse to pay any claim, or
  • Your insurer may not pay any claim in full, or
  • Your insurer may revise the premium and/or change the compulsory excess, or
  • the extent of your cover may be affected.


If you (or anyone acting on your behalf) are a commercial customer (i.e. buying insurance mainly for purposes related to your trade, business or profession) you must make a fair presentation of the risk to us. This means you must:

  • disclose to us every material circumstance which you know or ought to know or sufficient information to alert us that we need to make further enquiries; and
  • disclose your information in a reasonably clear and accessible manner; and
  • ensure that any material representation as to a:
  1. matter of fact is substantially correct; and
  2. matter of expectation or belief is made in good faith.

A circumstance or representation is material if it would influence the judgement of a prudent insurer in determining whether to take the risk and, if so, on what terms. This duty also extends to any variations or changes you wish to make.

If you fail to make a fair presentation of the risk this could affect the extent of your cover or could invalidate your policy. If you make a deliberate or reckless misrepresentation your insurer will be allowed to void your policy, which means that claims will not be met.

If a misrepresentation is deemed to be not deliberate or reckless then your insurer:

  • might avoid the policy and return the premium
  • might apply different terms if it would have accepted the risk but on different terms
  • might reduce the amount paid on your claim if it would have accepted the risk but at a higher premium

Your Insurance Policy

You must thoroughly read all insurance documents issued to you and ensure that you are aware of the cover, limits, exclusions and other policy terms that apply. Particular attention should be paid to any warranties precedent to the contract and policy conditions, as failure to comply with them could invalidate your insurance cover. A breach of any terms, conditions and warranties may enable your insurer to terminate your policy from the date of that breach, and/or repudiate a claim under your policy.


If a proposal form, statement of fact or other declaration is completed on your behalf, it is your responsibility to check that the answers given to all questions are true and complete.  You should also keep copies of any correspondence you send to us or direct to your insurers. Failure to correct, update or notify us of any changes to your information could invalidate your insurance cover

If you are unsure about what information you should disclose (or any other matter) you should contact us for guidance.

How we are paid

We are either paid:

  • a percentage of the premium due to the insurer for the insurance policy (a commission or brokerage); or
  • a charge (see below); or
  • a combination of both

If the type of policy we sell reaches specific profit targets insurers may also pay us an additional bonus. These are often referred to as profit share or volume over-riders.

We also receive commission for arranging finance agreements for the payment of insurance premiums and we may also receive a commission or fee for passing introductions to other professional firms.

We may also receive payment from our service providers for distributing their products.

Disclosure of commission – (Commercial Customers)

You are entitled, at any time, to request information regarding any commission, which we may have received as a result of placing your insurance business.

Payment for our services

In addition to the premium charged by insurers we reserve the right to make the following non-refundable service charges (shown below).

Please be aware that charges may also apply for any additional contracts or services you arrange including premium finance arrangements (full details can be found in the contractual documentation that is issued to you).

New Business Our service charge will be set-out before you buy and then confirmed in the documents we issue to you.
Renewal Our service charge will be set-out when we invite your policy for renewal, and also confirmed in your renewal documents.
Cancellation within 14 days of purchase £35.00
Cancellation outside cooling off period £55.00
Cancellation due to non-receipt of documents A further £20 will be added to the cancellation charge set-out above
If your policy is declared void or is cancelled due to non-disclosure or misrepresentation £100.00
Failed Card or Cheque Payment £20.00
Refunds issued by cheque £20.00
Any changes to existing policies £25.00
Debt administration charge £50.00


Payment, Premiums and Client Money

We are permitted to act as a credit broker. We normally accept payments by most debit/credit cards and by cheque or we may offer the option to spread your payments by introducing you to a credit scheme with a third party finance provider or an insurers’ instalment scheme. However, you should note that if you have a credit scheme you may be required to sign and return a credit agreement to the finance provider, otherwise you may incur a charge which will be spread over your remaining instalments. Full details will be provided by the finance provider.

We will give you full information about your payment options before you buy your insurance policy and when we invite renewal.

Please note that a finance agreement is a contract between you and the finance provider, and is separate to the insurance contract. Should you fail to keep up repayments on an instalment agreement or premium finance facility we will contact you to reach a resolve; if the repayments cannot be resolved, or we cannot contact you, we may issue notice of cancellation of the policy cover.

We reserve the right to collect payment of premium in certain circumstances i.e. adjustments to policies, defaulted payments and balances owing following cancellation using any credit/debit card details held. At all times credit/debit card details are held securely.

For return premiums or refunds, where appropriate we will refund monies to the debit or credit card details held on your file. We reserve the right not to issue a refund if the amount due to you is under £20.00

Premiums we collect from you are held in an insurance broking bank account or dedicated client account used for the purpose of holding client premiums.  In most cases insurance companies accept that monies paid to us are treated as being received by them (Risk Transfer). However in some cases we will receive premiums you pay to us as your agent. All insurance premiums you pay to us are protected in trust accounts until we pay insurers. We will assume that you consent to us using the accounts in this way, unless we hear from you to the contrary. We will remit the premium to insurers, after deduction of our commission, in accordance with the terms of our agreements with insurers. We do not pay interest on amounts accrued in the client accounts.

If you have to change insurer mid-term and your new policy is placed back with us any amount you owe us from your previous contract(s) may be added to your new contract. This could include the amount being added to your direct debit instalment facility in order to spread the cost.

How we handle debts

Your insurance policy is at risk of cancellation if you fail to make payment. Where cancellation takes place and a debt arises we will contact you to arrange payment. If payment is not made we will make a charge as outlined in “Payment for our services” to cover our administration costs. If payments were made using a credit/debit card we will attempt to collect any arrears from it.

If you still do not make the full payment, or fail to reach an agreement with us to pay the balance, we may pass your details to a debt recovery agent and you will be responsible for all reasonable costs incurred in the recovery of the outstanding balance this includes debt collection charges levied against the value of the outstanding amount; the rate may vary but will be no more than 25% of the total amount due. If the initial debt recovery agent is unsuccessful the debt may be passed to another agency and then the rate may be more than 25% (details available upon request).

Automatic Renewals

Policies held through us that are either paid by direct debit through Premium Credit Ltd or Close Brother’s Premium Finance may be  automatically renewed. If this is the case your renewal notice will clearly indicate this in advance and where automatic renewal does take place your payments will continue to be taken from your account.

Policies paid by credit/debit card may also be automatically renewed.  If this is the case your renewal notice will clearly indicate in advance that payment will be taken in this way.

We will send your renewal notice in good time before the renewal of your policy to provide you with details of your premium and cover that is being offered.

If we locate an alternative insurance quotation for you at renewal we may place your cover with the new insurer. We will normally only do this for example, if your existing insurer no longer offers terms or the premium increased significantly with your existing insurer. We will write to you beforehand to ensure you are kept informed.

If you do not want your policy automatically renewed you must contact us prior to the renewal date. If you fail to contact us prior to the renewal date and the policy is renewed any subsequent cancellation will be subject to the charges outlined in “Your right to cancel” and “Other cancellation terms”.


Your right to cancel (not applicable to commercial customers)

Customers acting outside their trade or profession (Consumers) will usually have a legal right to cancel policies for any reason within 14 days of receiving the full terms & conditions. The insurer may make a charge and full details will be outlined in their policy documentation.

If cancellation takes place within 14 days of you purchasing a contract of insurance from us for any reason, including as a result of changes to information supplied to us online, we will make an administration charge to cover our costs – see “Payment for our services”.

The administration charge will also apply if we are unable to make contact with you to verify your information, following an online purchase.

If a discount was applied when you took your policy out, it will be deducted from any return premium issued by your insurer on a pro-rata basis.

If any claim is notified in the period of insurance the full annual premium will be required and there will be no refund.

Other cancellation terms (all customers)

Any other cancellation rights will be set out in your policy documents. We will also make a charge, see  “Payment for our services”.

Please be aware that some insurers do not allow any refund or may charge short period cancellation rates (please refer to your policy wording for more information).

Cancelling any direct debit instruction does not mean you have cancelled the policy. You will still need to follow the instructions above and in the above heading. If you are paying by instalments you will be liable for any shortfall in the event your finance agreement is terminated.

If a discount was applied when you took your policy out, it will be deducted from any return premium issued by your insurer on a pro-rata basis.

If any claim is notified in the period of insurance the full annual premium will be required and there will be no refund.

We reserve the right to cancel your policy by giving 7 days written notice to the address shown on our records (please note some contracts may require a longer notice period, in which case the correspondence we issue will explain this).

Our right to cancel

We reserve the right to cancel your cover at any time for any reason and reasons may include but not be limited to:

  • Where we, or your premium finance provider, have been unable to collect payment
  • Where you fail to send us information or documents that we have requested
  • Where we reasonably suspect fraud
  • Where staff are subjected to abusive language or threatening behaviour

We will provide written notice to your last known address unless your insurer requires immediate cancellation for example, where your policy is declared void.  Your insurer will charge as per their policy wording and we will also make the charges outlined in “Payment for our services”, “Your right to cancel” and “Other cancellation terms”.

If any claim, or any incident that might give rise to a claim, is notified then the full annual premium may be required and no refund of premium will be due.

Notification of Claims

Our claims service is provided by Crusader Assistance.

Simply call 01376 574 000 if you are involved in an accident or suffer damage or loss to your vehicle/property.

What to do if you have a Complaint

Our aim is to provide the best service possible at all times. Should there be an occasion when we do not meet your expectations please call us on 01376 574 000 or write to the Customer Services Manager, Peter Best Insurance Services Ltd, Suite 4 Courtyard Offices, Braxted Park Estate, Braxted Park Road, Witham, Essex, CM8 3GA

Alternatively you can email us at info@classiccarinsurance.co.uk. In the unlikely event we cannot resolve the matter to your satisfaction we will promptly acknowledge your complaint in writing and where necessary provide a final response within 8 weeks of receipt of your complaint.

Full details of the complaints procedure are available on request.

If you are not happy with our response you may be eligible to refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). The FOS helpline is 0300 123 9123. Alternatively you can find them online at www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk or write to them at The Financial Ombudsman Service, Exchange Tower, London E14 9SR.

Insurer Security

We do not guarantee the solvency of any insurer we arrange policies with and whilst we take care to deal with those that maintain reasonable solvency margins we cannot guarantee their financial ability to pay claims.

Financial Services Compensation Scheme

We are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) and therefore you may be entitled to compensation from the FSCS if we should be unable to meet our obligations. This depends on the type of business and the circumstances of the claim. Further information about compensation scheme arrangements is available from the FSCS on 0207 892 7300 or www.fscs.org.uk.

Transferred Business

If we take over the servicing of insurance policies which were originally arranged through another insurance broker, intermediary or direct with the insurer, we do not accept liability for any claim arising out of the advice given by that broker or intermediary, nor for any errors, omissions or gaps in your current insurance protection.

We would ask you to contact us without delay should any aspect of a policy which has been transferred to us causes you concern or if you need an immediate review. Otherwise we will endeavour to review all transferred policies as they fall due for renewal.

Version: Sept 2018

Privacy Policy


We want you to be confident that we take data protection and your privacy seriously. As a regulated company and data controller we are responsible for the security and management of the personal information we hold about an individual. That’s why we have invested in our systems and processes to ensure that the way we collect, use, share, and store your information meets the legal, regulatory and our own standards.

This notice explains how we collect, use and store your personal information when you use our services or contact us (including any personal information given to us about other people named on the quote, policy, quote or claim).

If you have approached us via a comparison website you may already have given consent for your information to be shared with us, however we urge you to read this Privacy Policy for completeness.

If you provide us with another person’s personal data, you should ask them to read this Privacy Policy. By giving us information about another person you are confirming that you have their consent to provide the information to us.

How we act

We act as the data controller in respect of your personal data and are committed to protecting your privacy.  We will process the information you have given us (this includes information provided to us via a comparison website) in line with the UK’s Data Protection laws and any other laws that apply.

If your quote originated from a comparison website you should be aware that they act as the data controller of the data that they collect on their site(s). When you click through to our website or disclose information to us directly we are the data controller of the information we collect.

In the performance of our activity as an insurance intermediary we may from time to time act as a Data Processor, for example where we collect or return premiums, or notify claims. We may also act under contract in order to service or administer insurance policies on behalf of other insurers or insurance intermediaries. The Data Protection Laws set out that firms that process personal data must ensure they meet their relevant obligations. We ensure that when we act as a data processor we have a suitable contract in place that describes our obligations in order to meet the requirements of the applicable data protection laws and regulations.

Legal basis for processing and your consent

The collection of and processing of data about you and other persons connected with your insurance is necessary for the entering into and performance of a contract or contracts, managing our business and providing products and services; these form the legal basis we have for processing information. We also have legal obligations to perform in which case processing of your information is necessary for compliance with the legal obligations to which we are subject, for example Proceeds of Crime Act 2002.We rely on your actions to indicate your consent for us to collect, process and disclose your information (which may include information about your health and criminal convictions), for example your voluntary provision of your personal data (including if it is given by a representative, agent of your employer), or where you have provided your express consent within a written, verbal or electronic document or other communication.

If you do not consent to processing

You are not obliged to provide us with your personal information, but we cannot provide our services without it.

Further details about your rights and how you can contact us are provided below.

Variations to our privacy policy

We reserve the right to amend or modify this Privacy Policy at any time and any significant changes will be published on our website or issued to separately when we do so.

Collecting and processing your personal information

For us to provide our services and to administrate insurance quotes, insurance policies, service policies, and/or deal with any claims or complaints we need to collect and process information (including personal data) about you and any other individuals you may disclose. We may also collect and process information classified as “special categories” or sensitive data.

Information you provide about other people will be processed on the basis that you have provided this information with their explicit consent.

The types of personal data that we collect & process may include but not be limited to:

Individual details such as name, address, contact details, marital status, date and place of birth, nationality, employer, job title, family details
Identification details identification numbers issued by government bodies or agencies, including your national insurance number, employers reference number, passport information, tax and driving licence information, utility bills, certificates of incorporation (for businesses)
Financial information bank account and payment card details, income, expenditure or other financial information
Risk information information about you or other persons named or eligible to claim benefits under a policy in order to assess the risk to be insured and provide a quote. This may include data relating to health, criminal convictions, offences, garaging details, mileage details, details of valuable items. For certain types of policy, this could include information such as telematics data.
Policy information Information about the quotes you receive and the policies you arrange
Credit and anti-fraud data see the heading “Credit Searches and fraud prevention” below.
Previous and current claims Information about previous and current claims (including unrelated insurances) which may include data about your health, criminal convictions and surveys.
Special categories of personal data It is possible that special categories of data may be collected through our interactions with you or other parties, in which case we will ensure we meet the additional levels of protection required under the data protection laws.
CCTV e.g. when you visit our premises


In the event of an incident or claim we may also collect information from third parties (such as the other party involved in the claim), law enforcement agencies (e.g. the police), witnesses, experts, loss adjusters, loss assessors, solicitors and claims handlers.

We also use “cookies” to collect data when you use our website(s). Further details about cookies and how we use them can be found in our website notices.

We may also collect personal information when you or your representative or anyone named or contact us, for example to ask us a question, or update your personal information.

To ensure that your personal details are protected, we may ask questions to confirm your identity before we can communicate with you or your representative.

What we do with your information

We process and use your personal information to enable us to act as an insurance intermediary and to promote products and services to you. This means we will exchange the information we collect with insurers, other brokers or intermediaries, agents and service providers for this purpose. This includes maintenance of our own accounts and records and to support and manage our staff. Below gives an overview of how we may use your personal information:

  • Obtain and Provide quotations and arranging your insurance cover
  • Administering your insurance policies
  • Claims processing or assisting you in your claim
  • Complaint handling
  • Processing renewals and adjustments
  • Complying with our legal or regulatory objectives
  • Debt collection
  • Marketing
  • Premium payment and premium finance arrangements
  • Business transfers (where we sell all or part of our business and/or assets to another party)

We may also need to share your personal information with:

  • Professional advisors and auditors
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Claims handlers
  • Ombudsmen
  • The Motor Insurance Database (MID) and Motor Insurers’ Bureau
  • Any other party as referred to in this privacy notice
  • Credit reference agencies


We will also use your personal information to:

  • Help train our staff and improve our customer service, website and data bases
  • Help us understand our customers and prospective customers
  • Prevent fraud and other financial crime
  • Ask you to provide feedback to us on the products and services we provide
  • Identify risk and manage risk exposure
  • Develop, improve, and personalise the products we offer
  • Develop and improve pricing and underwriting and risk selection strategies and processes
  • Develop and improve our administration, security systems and insurance applications
  • Promote responsible lending and help prevent over-indebtedness


Your contact information will be used to contact you throughout the duration of your policy and may continue beyond that, for example if you have given consent to receive marketing or other communications or make a complaint or a claim is made. Other parties that we share your contact information with may also need to contact you during your policy term and beyond, for example if a claim has been made or you have a complaint.

We will disclose your personal information to insurers, intermediaries, our service providers, contractors, agents and group companies that perform activities on our behalf for these and other purposes described in this policy. We may also disclose your personal information to anyone you have nominated to handle your insurance on your behalf.

We collect and retain payment card information from you in accordance with PCI DSS standards. We do this when you make payment on our website, portal or directly to us (for example when you make a change to an insurance policy). This assists us in reducing fraud and helps us recover debts. Any refund we provide to you for any product you have purchased by card will be made back to the card account used to make the initial purchase (where this is not possible we may choose an alternative method).

To help improve customer service and for quality control and training purposes, telephone calls may be recorded and monitored.

We must make you aware that insurers are legally required to provide details of motor insurance policies to the Motor Insurance Database (MID) managed by the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB). MID data may be used by certain statutory and authorised bodies including but not limited to the Police, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Northern Ireland (DVANI), the Insurance Fraud Bureau and other bodies permitted by law. Insurers also share information with each other via the Claims and Underwriting Exchange Register (CUE), and the Motor Insurance Anti-fraud and Theft Register (MIAFTR), and other data bases (including our own). This exchange of information enables us and insurance companies to verify the information that is provided during the quote or claims process (including information about any third party who is named on the policy) and help prevent fraud.

We must also make you aware that insurers and/or their agents and intermediaries may pass your information to countries within the EU and in some cases may pass your information to countries outside of the EU, for example the United States. On such occasion they must ensure that adequate levels of data protection are in place. The insurers documents will explain how your data will be used.


If you visit our offices CCTV is used for maintaining the security of property and premises and for preventing and investigating crime, it may also be used to monitor staff when carrying out work duties. For these reasons the information processed may include visual images, personal appearance and behaviours. This information may be about staff, customers and clients, offenders and suspected offenders, members of the public and those inside, entering or in the immediate vicinity of the area under surveillance. Where necessary or required this information is shared with the data subjects themselves, employees and agents, service providers, police forces, security organisations and persons making an enquiry.

No Claims Discount database

We may use your no claims discount information to check your entitlement, examine the potential risk in relation to your prospective policy and help prevent fraud. If we do this your information will be checked against the MIB database. Such searches may be carried out against you or the relevant person included on the proposal and may be carried out at point of quote and, if a policy is incepted, at the renewal stage.

Driving Licence Numbers

If you provide your driving licence number this may be passed to the DVLA for a search to be carried out to confirm your (or any named driver’s) licence status, entitlement and relevant restriction information and endorsement/conviction data.

Searches may be carried out as part of your quote and at any point throughout the duration of your insurance policy. A search with the DVLA will not show on your (or the named driver’s) driving licence record. For details relating to information held about you by the DVLA, please visit www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence. Undertaking searches using your driving licence number helps insurers check information to prevent fraud and reduce incidences of negligent misrepresentation and non-disclosure.

We or your insurer may also request your (or another relevant person included on the proposal/insurance policy) driving licence information, licence share code and/or a copy of the photocard at any time, for example when a claim arises or in order to validate information you have provided.

Other forms of physical information

When we arrange and administer your policy we may ask you to provide physical forms of identification which might include (but not be limited to) a copy of your driving licence information, utility bills, bank statements, V5, passports, mileage readings etc. For companies (other than listed ones) this may include but not be limited to of a copy of certificate of incorporation, a list of directors, a list of shareholders and the registered address. We may ask for this information at any time.

Credit searches and fraud prevention

We may check your personal data or exchange it with credit reference agencies, fraud prevention agencies, and other public and privately available sources of information. These checks may include electoral roll and credit information (including credit history and credit score), sanctions, details of criminal offences, county court judgements, vehicle taxation status, MOT status, and bankruptcy. Insurers may also perform these checks as well. We perform these activities to check your identity, assess credit worthiness, credit scoring, help prevent fraud and money laundering.

Such checks are registered as general insurance searches. They will appear on your credit report and may be viewed by other companies when you apply for credit or insurance. These searches should not harm or adversely affect your credit profile.

These checks may be performed at any time including at the time of a quote, purchase process or when your insurance is due for renewal. This may happen regardless of whether you get a quote via the internet or phone. We may need to perform these checks on named individuals on your insurance policy or policies, subject to their consent.

If you make an application for credit the premium finance provider may perform a full credit check which will leave a record on your credit report.

Credit reference agencies will keep records of searches and will share information with other organisations, enabling applications for financial products or services to be assessed, to assist in tracing debtors or to prevent fraud. You have the right to access your credit report held by a credit reference agency.

If you deliberately misrepresent or provide false or inaccurate information and we suspect fraud we will record this on our own data bases and may exchange it with fraud prevention agencies or other authorities, for example the Police.

Profiling and automatic decision making

We carry out automated decision making to decide whether we can provide insurance products to you. We may compare your personal data against industry averages. This data may also be used to help us to sell you other products, help us decide which other products might be of interest to you, and help our risk selection processes. Pricing and underwriting decisions may be performed using automated means or with staff intervention or a combination of both. This can also assist us to understand fraud patterns and help combat fraud. We use an automated quote engine to provide insurance quotes, using the information we have collected.

Use of your information for marketing

We carry out analysis of products and services based on your use of our website and other services. Provided you have consented to receive such information from us we may contact you about products and services that may be of interest to you via Post, Email, SMS or Phone.

We do not sell or pass on any client or user information to any third-party companies for marketing purposes, but we may inform you of services or products available from third parties. It is your choice whether you wish to request more information from them. These communications may cover but not be limited to travel, leisure, financial services, charities and shopping.

Remember, if you would prefer not to receive this information from us you can ask us to stop at any time or you can also manage your preferences by emailing us at info@peterbestinsurance.co.uk.

Retention of your personal data

We will keep your personal data for so long as is necessary and for the purpose for which it was collected. In particular, for as long as there is any possibility that either you or we may wish to bring a legal claim or a complaint under your insurance, or where we are required to keep your personal data due to tax, legal or regulatory reasons.

To store your information, we may use storage services which are located within the UK or outside the EEA. Where storage services are based outside the European Economic Area (EEA) we will ensure that appropriate measures are in place to maintain the same level of storage security as in the UK or EEA.

International transfers

When we pass your personal data to insurers, their agents, intermediaries or other service providers you should be aware that they (including their affiliates or sub-contractors) may have offices located outside the EEA. Transfer of your information will be made in compliance with the applicable data protection laws to ensure your information is properly protected. Your policy documents will set out how your data is used and whether it might be transferred outside the EEA. You should also be aware that those parties and ourselves may use the services of digital storage providers because of the amount of data we collect and process. We ensure that appropriate measures are in place to ensure we only use the services of those providers who meet the standard expected in the applicable data protection laws.

On-line information

We may record information about your computer or mobile device, including hardware and software used and general location when you use or interact with our websites. We use this information to note your interest in our websites, the products and services we offer, and to improve our marketing strategies, customer journeys, and for anti-fraud purposes.

In addition to the above our web sites may use SessionCam for analysis. SessionCam is a product that has been developed by SessionCam LTD. SessionCam may record mouse clicks, mouse movements, page scrolling and any text keyed into website forms. The information collected does not include bank details or any sensitive personal data. Data collected by SessionCam from our websites is for our internal use only. The information collected is used to improve our website usability, improve our marketing strategies and customer journey and for anti-fraud purposes. It is also stored and used for aggregated and statistical reporting.


Your rights

You have rights under the Data Protection laws including the right to access the information we hold about you (subject to any legal restrictions that may apply), to have the information corrected if it is inaccurate, and to have it updated if it is incomplete. In certain circumstances you may have the right to restrict or object to processing, and to receive an electronic copy of your data under data portability, or to have your data deleted.

You can withdraw consent to us processing your information at any time however, should you do this we will no longer be able to provide our services or administer any contracts and we will need to cancel any insurance policies or service contracts you hold with us, in order to comply with your request.

If you exercise your rights to object to us using your personal information you can do this at any time by telling us. We will consider your request and either stop using your information or explain why we are not able to.

Sometimes we will not be able to stop using or delete your personal information when you ask us to (for example where we need to use it because the law requires us to do so, or when we need to retain the information for regulatory purposes).

If you have any concerns about the way we use your personal information, please contact:

Data Access Team

Peter Best Insurance Service Ltd

Suite 4

Courtyard Offices

Braxted Park Estate

Braxted Park Road





For more information about Data Protection or if you wish to complain about how we treat your personal information you can contact the Information Commissioner’s Office at:

Wycliffe House

Water Lane




Tel: 0303 123 1113 or 01625 54 57 45

Website: www.ico.org.uk