Modern Classic Car Insurance & Vintage Car Insurance You Can Count on

You may own a modern and a classic within the same marque,  it may be a range of vehicle types or it could be a collection of classic cars and motorcycles.

Modern classic car & vintage car owners need a modern classic car & vintage car insurance policy to provide the best protection for their investment. The vintage car and modern classic car insurance is for the ones that are not old enough to be classic or young enough to be future classic cars.

Not all old cars are considered Modern Classic cars. Insurance providers have minimum age requirements. It can be 20-40 years old. Aside from the age requirement, there are few key factors that help determine if the car is considered a modern classic, limited manufacturing, and rare models are some of the factors.

As far as vintage and modern classic cars go, they can fetch quite a price on the classic car market . However, if the modern classics are not properly insured, they could end up being very expensive liabilities instead of assets. Comprehensive vintage car insurance and modern classic car insurance helps cover damage that occurs due to theft, vandalism, accidents with another vehicle, or natural disasters.

There is a lot of confusion on what exactly a classic car is, and what is the difference between vintage, antique cars, modern classic, and future classic cars. The modern classic car & vintage car insurance world is so complex and confusing that it can be difficult to understand for a newcomer, which is why you need modern classic car insurance experts to guide you through this process. If you’re a modern classic car enthusiast looking to get modern classic car insurance , then Peter Best Insurance Services for vintage and modern classic cars will help you save time and money in the long run. We offer Both Modern Classic Car & Vintage Car Insurance.

However big or small your collection, we can offer you tailored policies to enable you to have all insured and usable vehicles on the road at the same time.

If you have a combination of modern and classic vehicles, we may be able to accommodate these on a single policy, or alternatively offer a common renewal date for all your classics.

  • Motor Legal Expenses Insurance – An important optional addition to your policy to cover uninsured losses, i.e. recovery of your policy excess following a non-fault accident, or legal expenses as a result of an event that was not your fault. For a small additional premium,  we feel this offers significant cover at a great price
  • UK & EU Roadside Assistance & Recovery – Most policies will include cover for assisting you in the event of a breakdown and onward recovery within the UK & EU

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